“Till date business I have received out of BNI is Rs. 40,00,000. BNI has given me a solid platform where I can generate new business weekly. I was doing good business in terms of money, BNI give me more confidence for doing it, it has give me a new way of doing it which is liked to all my old customers, all my group members always helped me, guided me in each problem, whether it is related to BNI or out of BNI.”

Ashish Adkar

Proprietor - Anon Solutions - BNI Dynamite Chapter, Pune, Member for 2 years

“BNI has helped me get connected with 5 Private Limited Companies and 2 Limited Companies as my clients, that has given me over 2 Lakhs in business since I joined. BNI has created a confidence within me that I went an extra mile in my profession and created sales team for my business. If I appoint sales people, it will cost me a lot, but thanks to BNI I could generate Sales Team/Power Team which will help me in long run and that’s with optimum cost.”

Hemant A. Deshpande

Bramha Consultancy Services - BNI Dynamite Chapter, Pune, Member for 2 years.

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